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Building and construction

UTS staff, contractors, sub-contractors and their staff who will be undertaking construction and building maintenance work must complete the following training:

Note: Large construction sites that are entirely physically separated from UTS are responsible for managing all their own induction training.

General WHS induction training

All persons who carry out construction work must attend this 'White Card' training, which is delivered by a WorkCover NSW-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

This training provides an awareness and understanding of:

  • the rights and responsibilities under work health and safety legislation,
  • common hazards and risks in the construction industry,
  • basic risk management principles, and
  • the standard of behaviour expected of workers on construction sites.

WorkCover NSW provides further information on WHS construction induction and approved RTOs (opens an external site).

The construction induction card provides proof of completion of WHS construction induction training.

UTS-wide site induction training

All UTS workers, contractors, sub-contractors and their workers who will be undertaking construction, installation or building maintenance work must complete the UTS online Construction Worker Induction module before undertaking work at UTS.
Contractor's operatives working within a clearly controlled and well defined construction site can undergo a site induction run by their site management rather than doing the UTS online induction module. However, in this situation:

  • site management must complete the UTS training module, and
  • site management's own induction module should incorporate UTS specific information.

This training covers:

  • safety rules specific to UTS,
  • first aid and security requirements,
  • accident, emergency and evacuation procedures at UTS.

Certification lasts for two years. You must re-sit and pass assessment once certification has expired.

Access the training module (online):
UTS-wide construction worker site induction module (login required - see your supervisor or UTS project manager for username and password)

Tips for completing the online induction module assessment.

  1. Read the training module notes first and then answer the 10 questions at the end of the module.
  2. Ensure you have your White Card number with you when doing the test. You will need to provide the white card number on-line following completion of the test.
  3. You will also need to provide your phone number, company name and your supervisor’s name. These details will be held by UTS.
  4. When doing the test you cannot change your answer once you have physically selected a tick box.
  5. If you fail the test (ie less than 8 out of 10). You can immediately redo the test to try to pass.
  6. Print a certificate immediately on completion of the test.
  7. Visit UTS Security Services to obtain a UTS Construction Worker ID Card. Take your printed certificate and White Card with you. It may take up to 24 hours before the card is ready to collect.

You must carry your UTS Construction Worker ID Card and White Card with you at all times while at UTS. It may be checked at any time by Security or a UTS supervisor or project manager.

Worksite-specific induction training

For all persons who carry out construction work at UTS.

This training covers safety information and risk control measures specific to the work site.

The training is delivered by the worksite project manager or supervisor.

Before entry into laboratories and workshops the UTS Project Manager must arrange safety induction by the supervisor of the facility. This safety induction explains any technical hazards within the laboratory / workshop in which the work is to be conducted.

Construction induction checklists

Whenever a principal contractor is NOT appointed to manage the project, the UTS project manager or supervisor should use the downloadable:
Construction contractor induction checklist - with No Principal Contractor appointed (PDF, 25 kB)

Whenever a principal contractor is appointed to manage the project, the UTS project manager or supervisor should follow FMU internal processes.

Task-specific training

For persons performing high-risk construction work.

Typically, this training is provided by persons in control of the work, such as the principal contractor or supervisor of construction worker.

Construction work
is defined in Clause 289 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (opens an external site) and covers the repair and maintenance of buildings.